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Welcome to Novodiem.

NovoDiem partners with clients to provide support with areas like blockchain technology, facilitating large projects, analyzing complex policy fields or negotiation issues, IT Strategy, or Information Security in a broad sense.
Our firm is based on Curaçao and our staff has been working in the Dutch Caribbean for years. On this site you will find information about the services we provide.  Would you like to know more? We gladly welcome you to a personal intake meeting!

Our core values are:


At all times our clients will receive the highest possible quality.


Our integrity is of critical importance to us. Among other things this means we always comply with the rules – be they of a legal, regulatory, ethical or behavioral nature.


The agreements we make with our clients will always be clear and transparent for all stakeholders.

Blockchain Consulting

The crypto space is growing and developing at breakneck speeds, disrupting more and more sectors. We have our finger on the pulse of this on a daily basis. We can talk about cryptocurrency trading, operational wallet security, B2B services, payment services, regulatory environments, DeFi developments, NFT opportunities, etc.  Distributed ledgers are poised to disrupt more than Finance alone – e.g. think about tokenized real estate, digital identities, supply chain management, etc.  Novodiem is here to help you in this brave new world.

Blockchain training

We offer in-house and external training and teaching seminars, workshops, talks, as well as instructive materials on the blockchain technology and related fields of application, which will provide you with in-depth knowledge of the intricate blockchain ecosystem and all its facets.

Information Security & Risk Management

We offer services for all aspects of Information Security and IT Risk Management. From business continuity to IT audits, from Regulatory Compliance to Solution Architecture Analysis, to the review and design of Policies & Procedures, and everything in between. In addition we can support you with analysis of the benefits your IT brings to your business, optimizing those and turning a cost-center into a growth accelerator.

Interim & Project Management

Companies may find that at times they lack the necessary expertise to execute a particular project, bring about change or guide the organization through a transitional period. NovoDiem can provide experienced staff for your Project Management Office, Project Secretariat, or supplement your managers. In addition we provide support with the creation or review of business cases as well as project planning.

Business Consulting

Under the broad heading of Business Consulting we offer a range of services. Think for example of a business case review, PMO support for multidisciplinary negotiation teams, organizational quick scans, and reviews of the alignment between your Business and IT Strategies.
We leverage our many years of experience working for world-class consulting firms to offer you top-level services at affordable prices. We possess domain knowledge across a range of vertical industries as well as government work, and offer cross-industry capabilities as well.

Research & Analysis

Through application of our broad experience and well developed analytical skills we are the right partner for researching and analyzing your most difficult business problems. Naturally, our analysis comes with custom and situation-specific recommendations for the managing of such business problems. Research areas can range from economic impact studies to for example the interrelationships between a dozen socio-economic policy fields, to a specific business case for a new product or service.

Staff profile

Novodiem is led by Paul Helmich, who is both a blockchain enthusiast and an experienced management consultant with dual backgrounds in IT/Risk Management and in Business Economics. His backgrounds meet each other within digital currencies, which is why he is now pursuing a Master’s degree in that field. Paul worked as a manager for large consulting firms such as Accenture and KPMG before starting Novodiem in 2014. He has over 23 years of experience.

Apart from IT audits and risk management he has worked on larger economic projects, research assignments, and a corporate merger as well as having run a critical services company with 25 employees for a few years. His current focus is on the disruptive innovation that blockchain technology brings to many sectors. In his spare time he is active for his Rotary club, fulfills several Board positions and is a member of the Caribbean Blockchain Alliance.

His certifications include being a CISSP, a CISM, and a Certified Bitcoin Professional.

Full CV is available upon request. Click here for his LinkedIn profile.


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    ‘Novo Diem’
    is Latin for
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    This company name fits us well given our motto:

    Every morning brings new possibilities!

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